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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ta Da!

 This is the opposite wall. 
 This is the wall on the right when you walk in.  We don't have cable so the TV is just decorative at this point. I think I will keep the doors off at least for now.  I like having the stamps easy to see when I want to get an idea for what kind of card I want to make.
This is the head on wall when you walk in between the counter top and the cabinets
This is the future home of my dog bed.  This is my crafting partner Luke.  We foster kittens and cats and got Luke when he and his sister were 6 weeks old.  I fell in love with his kitty kisses and hugs  (Yes he wraps his paws around my neck like a hug.) and had to keep him.  The dog bed is for our King Charles Caviler puppy who is now 6 months old and wants to be with one of us at all times. 
 This is the closet.  I cracked out my labeler and now everything is easy to find. 

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  1. Looks great!! Come do my room ;)

  2. Lisa, I would love to but you might not like how long it takes! Mine took me about a year to get everything installed and back in. :)